Choose a Fun, Safe Halloween for Your Children with Food Allergies

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While most kids are big fans of Halloween, the parents of children with food allergies are not so much. Of course, once children are old enough to understand and manage their food allergies parents can relax a bit more. But, when kids are younger, they need supervision and guidance. That’s what makes Halloween such a scary challenge when it comes to trick or treating: candy, candy and more candy, and most of it loaded with allergens.

The good news is, Halloween can be safe and loads of fun with just a few creative options. Here are three favorites to consider that will make your little ones remember Halloween in a whole new way — and they won’t even miss the candy!

  • Halloween Piñata  You can make your own piñata or buy them already made; either way the kids love them! Fill them up with plastic trinkets, stickers, small toys and such. Afterward, have a trading session in case some of the revelers want to trade with their friends. Not only does this age group love whacking the piñata to make it open, they also use up a lot of that reserve energy!
  • Pumpkin Hunt Small plastic pumpkins filled with Halloween trinkets or real mini pumpkins decorated with Halloween faces will have the kids looking for a bright patch of orange hiding behind every tree in the yard. You also have the option to have the adventure indoors if the weather turns foul. Give a prize to the child who finds the most pumpkins. A little competition goes a long way!
  • Backyard Scavenger Hunt  Kids of all ages love a scavenger hunt and having it in your own backyard or garden in ideal for supervising the party. Make the list as creative as your age group can handle: Goblin goo, Skeleton bone, Witch’s hat, Creepy spider and such. Of course, you can always forego the scary stuff for toys and trinkets. For the lucky hunter who finds all of the treasure, a ‘special’ surprise.

With so much activity at any of these events, they won’t even miss the candy. Keep some bottled water on hand though, as they will get thirsty running about. Give your little ones a safe, fun Halloween they will talk about for weeks.

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