Food Allergy Success Stories Shared by Parents

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All too often, food allergies become a central focus for families with one or more food-allergic children. Problems can arise when siblings who do not have a food allergy feel left out, as if they’re watching from the sidelines. Parents are then faced with managing a divisive household, as well as food allergies.

That’s why food allergy education and awareness is so important for all family members, as well as friends, teachers, classmates, neighbors and anyone who interacts with a food allergic individual.

Fortunately, for many families, the difference that Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) treatments have made for their food-allergic child gives new hope to overcoming food allergies. It also contributes to much happier families. Here are three food allergy success stories shared with us by the parents of food allergic children who completed OIT or desensitization treatments.




“We had enormous issues because of her food allergies. She was never invited on a play date or a sleepover because parents feared taking responsibility for her.

I did not realize the effects that food allergies had on the entire family until my 17-year-old daughter wrote a column for the local paper about what it’s like being a sibling of a food allergic kid.

It was a sweet and supportive article asking people to understand the issue, but she also commented that since we have done the desensitization process that it seems like her sister’s food allergy is no longer the centerpiece of the family.”     




“Both of our children have food allergies to peanuts and our son, Hogan, was deathly allergic to milk. I had read about the process for a few years in magazines and online, and as soon as our son could begin the desensitization process for his milk allergy at the age of 5 – we did.

At that time, our daughter, MacKenzie began her treatment for peanut allergy, as well. The process changed our life! It is the best decision we ever made regarding the health and safety of our children. DallasAllergyImmunology and Dr. Wasserman are professional, honest and take their time with each individual child. They were very thorough, extremely patient, and were available when we had more questions or called to talk to someone. Our daughter finished the program in 6 months, but our son’s treatment took about a year because of the severity of his milk allergy.

I have never regretted or questioned our decision to do this for our children. Both children are going to camp this summer and that is something we never thought possible.”   Bry K.




“My son is now 12 and he was 3 when he was diagnosed with peanut allergy. We missed a lot of things: vacations, Disney cruises, Halloween. The kids didn’t even know what Halloween was. When Nate finished desensitization October 21st, ten days before Halloween, he decided to go as a Bag of Peanuts for Halloween. It was hilarious. He had conquered it. And it was a real victory for us. I sent the video to everyone we know.

It’s amazing how free our life is! It has been a great change for the whole family. And looking into the future, I know that my son can do what he wants without the isolation. He’s safe and he knows he’s safe. It’s been absolutely life changing!”   Stacey H.




DallasFood Allergy Center is the food allergy specialty practice at DallasAllergyImmunology. Our new name is Allergy Partners of North Texas. We are one of the few practices in the country that offer a breakthrough Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) program for kids with food allergies. Our treatment provides a long-term solution for peanut, milk, egg, wheat and tree nut allergic patients. It is usually takes less than 6 months, and at the end of the program, most patients with allergies to peanut, milk, wheat or tree nut, are able to eat these foods with no allergic reaction.

More than 80% of our patients now safely consume foods that once threatened their health. Life is better with no fear of food. Contact us for more details.

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