Celebrate Freedom from Food Allergies with Oral Immunotherapy

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Freedom from the agonies of food allergies is a quest for thousands of parents and their food allergic children. That’s why Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) has become such a welcome reprieve to so many families reaching out for hope for this real life problem.

OIT can provide a long-term solution for peanut, milk, egg, tree nut and wheat allergic patients. It usually takes less than 6 months, and at the end of that time, most patients with these food allergies are free to consume the foods whenever they want.

Many common food allergies, such as milk, egg, soy and wheat, are frequently outgrown during childhood. When these allergies will be outgrown, however, is difficult to predict. But we can predict that peanut allergy (along with tree nut and seafood allergy) tends to not be outgrown in most children. Therefore, peanut and tree nut allergic children may experience greater benefit from oral immunotherapy than children whose allergies may be outgrown. OIT is a procedure that involves giving the food that a person is allergic to by mouth in order to re-educate the allergy system so that a food that has caused a problem in the past will no longer trigger a reaction. This is probably the most effective way of administering food immunotherapy.

There are many reports of peanut immunotherapy, each using a treatment plan. For more than five years DallasAllergyImmunology has treated peanut and other food allergic children with oral immunotherapy. A review of our experience shows that 80% of the children who have undergone oral immunotherapy to peanut over a period of months, could then eat a large amount of peanuts (24) without experiencing an allergic reaction.

Perhaps the most compelling stories of OIT come from the parents of food-allergic children who have gained freedom from their food allergies through this remarkable procedure.

Statements such as: “a life-changing experience” and “a huge worry has been lifted off our shoulders” and “it’s a blessing to have a solution that provides security for our son’s life” represent the enormous value of OIT. Watch videos of parents share their stories of how OIT has made a positive difference in the lives of their families.

“… to me a peanut was like a loaded gun; now the worry is gone …”

“… this program offered me a tremendous amount of hope …”

“…we have two children who went through the OIT program and it has really changed our lives…”

OIT offers freedom from an otherwise debilitating condition that affects not only the food allergic child, but the entire family. Learn more about OIT and how you and your family can benefit.

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