Parents of Children with Food Allergies Gain Insight by Sharing Experiences

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Parenting, in itself, presents plenty of unexpected challenges and rewards, but managing children with food allergies is a fulltime job that even the most devoted parents can find overwhelming at times. Planning meals, school events and family get-togethers takes on a different meaning when food allergies become part of the equation. Daily scenarios that would normally be routine, even fun, require thoughtful planning, increased awareness and consistent training of your food allergic child.

Sharing your experiences with other parents is a valuable way to gain insight and find a supportive group that shares and understands your challenges of having children with food allergies. There are numerous resources available online that serve as a valuable outreach to parents who sometimes feel alone and unsure. It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to lend a listening ear and a caring heart. It’s also a great way to share your own story and your lessons learned.

You will discover other parents who have found life-altering solutions to their child’s food allergies such as oral immunotherapy or OIT. Parents who have experienced skepticism from friends or family who simply don’t understand the reality of food allergies can share how they learned to deal with it and move on. There are remarkable stories of overcoming and solutions to what might have once seemed insurmountable.

Here are just a few interesting online resources, many published by parents of food allergic children, offering a wealth of insights, tips, recipes and real life experiences.

Get common sense tips and recipes and see how one food allergy mom learned how to share her experiences as a food allergy advocate and blogger.

Dads are not always thought to participate that much in their child’s food allergies, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Mothers of Children Having Allergies or MOCHA is an active exchange of stories, ideas and information that parents of food-allergic children will appreciate.

It really is possible to cope with nut allergies as you’ll discover when you read about No Nuts Moms.

Having a career and still manage a food allergic child is no easy feat. This mom shows you important insights about raising a confident child with food allergy.

Great information and good story telling are found in the Best Allergy Blogs of 2014.

Mothernova is a parenting website created by a journalist-mama who manages not one, but two food allergic children.

Can you ever have too many food allergy recipes? It’s doubtful, especially if they are recipes created by a mom of a food allergic child.

As a parent of children with allergies, the important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Food allergies can be managed and even overcome by many children. In fact, read about 218 success stories using oral immunotherapy!

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